Team charter session

A team charter is a bundle of agreements, work principles and values that are important to the proper functioning of a team.  It states what makes a team strong and how it can perform even better. Jointly composing a team charter collects and combines the experiences of the team members during the training course.

Dialogue session

The Rebird trainers use the Theory U methodology to facilitate dialogue sessions. These sessions are intended to expand upon certain themes and to bring participants together as people and team members, forging respect and understanding for one another.

Ice breaking session

These sessions are intended to make major steps or breakthroughs in a group's dynamics. Ice breaking sessions are extremely well-suited to teams that have been working together for a longer period and in which the dynamics have ground to a halt. For newly formed teams, these sessions are a quick and easy way for members to get to know one another. Re-united teams can use our ice breaking sessions to help members become a true team again.

The Theory U methodology is also used in these sessions.