See yourself through the eyes of a bird of prey

Your intentions and emotions always affect those around you. We respond intuitively to each other, but we've forgotten how to talk about our responses. The larger the difference is between who you are and how you act, the more tension and friction you and others will experience. Birds of prey can show you the dissonance within you. The aim is that you become aware of what you are thinking and feeling, and not only of how you act. Once you have made that connection within yourself, you will be able to connect optimally with others.

True leadership is about making real contact with yourself and others! Rebird can help you achieve this kind of communication.

If you have the courage to find the answers to the following questions, then Rebird is for you.

  • Why don't others always understand my intent?
  • How can I ensure my team is ready to take on new challenges and changes?
  • Have the dynamics in my team ground to a halt?
  • Why is there sometimes resistance to everything I say to others?
  • Do they not understand what I'm saying, or am I just not being understood as a person?
  • How should I handle these types of situation and my feelings about them? 
Rebird from Soest offers personality training anywhere in Europe

The path to genuine and inspiring leadership

Dogs and horses will respond to your voice and body language, but birds of prey do not. You can shout all you like, but the birds still won't follow your instructions. They will only listen if you communicate with true intent. They respond to your energy, and unconsciously, that's precisely what we do as people, too.

Learn to give natural leadership
Authentic and inspiring leadership comes from within, not by acquiring ever more supplementary skills. Through the various leadership and team training courses offered by Rebird, you can uncover your own, unique intentions.

Take the challenge
Do you already know who you are as a leader and a person? Do you have the courage to find out? Contact Rebird today and follow a course or personality training at one of our locations in Soest (the Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain), Gogh (Germany), or at a location of your choice, anywhere in Europe. If you'd like to know what others' experiences were before signing up, read our testimonials.

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