on the wing

Train yourself to lead from your intentions

As a leader, manager or director, you play a pivotal role at your organisation regarding processes and business relations, both internally and externally. The demanding speed at which you do business forces you to almost exclusively rely on your intellect, increasingly distancing you from your emotions. Eventually, you will be confronted by a situation against which your learned skills and techniques fall short and in the modern world, success depends on authenticity and the ability to give inspiring leadership.

Coaching met roofvogels

Pure, natural feedback

You'd be surprised what birds of prey can teach you. For starters, birds of prey are strategic hunters that are focused on optimum efficiency. They cannot permit themselves to waste even a scrap of energy. In addition, they are extremely sensitive and are in complete control of themselves. Furthermore, because birds of prey don't pretend to be something they're not and have no hidden agendas, their responses – even toward humans – are pure, transparent and genuine.

Train your leadership skills
During the situational coaching with birds of prey, the thoughts and intentions behind your actions are directly reflected in the behaviour of your team. During this communication training course, the interpretation of the direct, clear and honest feedback our birds provide increases your awareness of your attitude and its effect on those around you.

Rebird uit Soest

Take yourself on

As a leader, manager or director, you communicate often and a great deal, even without knowing it. In addition to your consciously chosen words and body language, there's also your attitude, which, together with your energy, you are often unaware of. Those around you, however, frequently experience these elements emotionally or intuitively. Often, this is because we are fully focused on being rational, thanks to the increasing pressure put on us by workloads and deadlines, and our habit of identifying with what we do and not with who we are.

Speaking without words
Even without noticing it, we always use emotion when we communicate. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as we keep our body language - our energy - in check. This results in the establishment of the optimum form of communication: complete communication. To achieve this, Rebird team or leadership training and coaching with birds of prey makes you aware of the way that you communicate. What are others feeling? But especially, what are you feeling?

Leadership training and personality training

Self-reflection is a core element of Rebird's leadership courses. We vary coaching with the birds of prey with moments of rest and reflection, and both the trainer and the participants offer insights and inspiration to aid in critically examining your own performance. The coaching revolves around acting from authenticity; gaining insight into your personal space and attitude; placing more trust in your own intuition; communicating more clearly and powerfully; and being a better leader to yourself and thereby others and your team.

For whom?
Our training is suitable for supervisors, managers, directors or other professionals who are not afraid to seek confrontation with themselves or their teams.

For corporate teams:

  • board members
  • executive team
  • management team
  • sales team
  • restaurant teams
  • sports teams

Our courses are also suitable for team-building purposes, corporate retreats, management training, and as a part of participative leadership and situational leadership training.

Duration and location
Our leadership training and coaching with birds of prey can be taken to practically any location in Europe for inclusion in existing or to-be-developed courses and management training programmes. When structured in this way, the training will last approximately four hours. Rebird Training and Coaching has a number of private locations especially for its intensive two or three-day training courses.

Barcelona, Spain
This picturesque, 17th century estate is located just under Barcelona amid the mountains and close to the sea. The beauty of this site will help you to centre yourself, which in turn will improve the impact of the training courses. The accommodation is full board with authentic meals, (vegetarian options available on request), prepared using primarily local produce. Suitable for courses lasting several days. Prices available on request.

Gogh, Germany
Just over the border at Nijmegen, the Netherlands, lies the German countryside, where, complete relaxation awaits, which in turn will improve the impact of the training courses. The accommodation is full board with authentic meals, (vegetarian options available on request), prepared using primarily local produce.

Suitable for day courses and courses lasting several days. Prices available on request.

Soest, The Netherlands
This location is situated centrally in the Netherlands in the forests of Soest. Clients can book accommodation in one of the nearby hotels, or even stay in their own homes if they live in the Netherlands. On-site meals can be arranged on request.

Suitable for half-day courses, day courses, courses lasting several days and individual training/courses. Prices available on request.



The HawkWalk Coaching course is a unique new form of intense personality and leadership training. It is an inner journey aimed at first re-finding yourself before reconnecting with those around you.

For whom?
HawkWalk Coaching is for anyone with the courage to effect a real change in his or her personal performance.

The sessions
During the sessions, you will walk through the countryside with the birds. As you walk, your bird will continuously provide feedback on your internal equilibrium, respond to your attitude and communicate in a way that extends beyond words and body language. This will make you aware of the connection between your internal emotions and the way in which you express them. In order to re-discover yourself, you must first relax before you can make the space needed for the personal process.

The HawkWalk coach acts as your mirror and sounding board throughout the journey. This coaching course is aimed at you as a whole and is intended to help you strike the right balance between head, heart and hands. It is your internal journey, which is why we tailor the duration and intensity of the sessions to your needs. 

The central themes of the HawkWalk Coaching sessions are:

  • Awareness: who am I, what are my intentions, what am I feeling, what am I thinking, how do I act and is this all in balance?
  • Constitution: physical problems, barriers, health, nutrition, exercise, stress, relaxation
  • Communication: how do I communicate with myself and others? Am I aware of what I communicate beyond words and body language?
  • Emotion: do I understand my emotions, where they come from and have I experienced them before I communicate them?
  • Understanding: why am I who I am and why do I do what I do?

We first interview you before you are admitted to identify your questions and the goal you wish to achieve. Next, we compose a coaching programme and the HawkWalk Coaching course can begin. The course lasts 90 minutes and can be extended by the hour.

The unique combination of natural surroundings, birds of prey and a coach provides you with clear feedback and the opportunity to apply what you've learned straight away. You gain insight into yourself, expanding your awareness of your effect on your surroundings. You learn why you feel what you feel, think what you think and do what you do, which in turn helps you assert who you are and clarifies your goals. Afterwards, your contact with others will have improved and deepened, and you will be able to achieve a higher level of productivity in both your private and work environments.